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WiFi Advice

Here are some tips when trying to connect to our WiFi wireless networks:

• Make sure your wireless adapter is turned on.  Laptops with wireless built-in will either have a physical switch or preset function keys that turn on/off the wireless card.  Please see your users guide for specific information.

• The SSID or network name is ETS (make sure it is one word and in uppercase).

 Data Encryption is set for WEP: Please check with the management office for the most current WEP key for your location. Also, make sure the "Network Authentication" setting is set to “Open”

For Apple MAC users: make sure you choose the 40/128bit encryption setting for WEP. Do NOT use the password setting.

 For Optimal Wireless Reception try the following: For desktop wireless cards try to angle the antenna straight up or at 45 degrees. Try moving the actual desktop case to see at which direction you receive the best signal and keep any power cords and other cabling away from antenna. Check with the manufacturer about antenna extensions or table top antennas.

For MAC users: Some MACs are known to have poor wireless reception. Here are a few websites selling optional antenna upgrades for MACs www.bearextender.com and www.quickertek.com

ETS has taken certain precautions to provide some network security, but it is always recommended that you also enable these security measures.

• Make sure you have a Firewall - Windows XP has a built-in Firewall that you should turn on.  To verify, go to your Control Panel and right-click on the “wireless network connection”, and choose properties.  Choose the “Advanced” tab and verify the Firewall settings are set to “On”. For other PC or MAC operating systems there are other software Firewalls available.

• Up-to-date Anti-virus software ETS has Anti-virus software available for FREE on our website at http://www.etsusa.com/SupportDownloads.shtml

 Spyware software - ETS has Ad-aware SE Spyware software available for FREE on our website at http://www.etsusa.com/SupportDownloads.shtml

Note:  All of these security measures need to be periodically updated to be effective.

If you need further technical assistance, you may call our ETS Help Desk at 303-467-3828 or toll-free at +1-877-899-4387 from 6:00am to 9:00pm MST.


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